With the level of success you have already achieved, and with your hectic lifestyle, and let’s face it your lack of writing ability, to get your story out there in the world, you are going to need someone to write your book for you.

You may have been told by loads of people “you need to write a book!” but said book is still on your to-do list and unless you hire someone like Dawn, it is always going to be on your to-do list whilst you are about to exit stage left from this world. Not exactly the scenario you want, and not exactly the legacy you are looking for. No one wants to be remembered as the one who said they were going to do something and then never did it, especially successful people like yourself. It’s just not good for your reputation.

Now although this service from Dawn isn’t exactly your typical ghost-writing service, it is something which she is very skilled at. Taking your story, working her magic and making you look good is something she excels at. She will however stalk you like a crazy person, unearth all there is hiding deep inside of you and transform you from the inside out. This is not just a writing service, this is stripping you naked so you can really see who you are, who you are for others and then delivering you on a silver platter for all the world to see, in all your naked glory! (You can choose if you wear clothes for this level of nakedness, because being naked isn’t about the clothes we wear, and deep down you

know it).

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