Welcome to…

The Phoenix UpRising

Sometimes the level of uncertainty in our lives requires us to gain confidence in the future we are creating, for ourselves, our family, and our future career.

Whether we are choosing to change our job or take our business in a new and differeny way, or even start a community project, we all need a lot more focus, and that is EXACTLY what this 21 Day Lifestyle Reboot offers.


Who is the Phoenix UpRising Lifestyle Reboot for?

It is for the women who know they want to transform their life and knows there is so much more available to us to enjoy and experience in each and every area of our lives.

This programme is designed for those who are truly committed to their vision. It is for those willing to invest everything they’ve got in time, energy, and self-belief.

  • It is for those who want to do the work and create a better life for themselves.
  • It is not for those who listen to other people’s negativity, or for those who choose to make excuses.

In this challenge you are going to discover:

Whether you have what it really takes to bring your vision to fruition, the kind of leader you wish to be and just how BIG you can dream!

-> Visions need commitment, energy and focus; and in this programme you are going to discover just how much you have of each.

-> Time Mastery, Leadership, Money Manifestation and Soul Purpose are just some of the key ingredients we will be working with, so if you are ready to heat things up, let’s get cooking!

-> Dreaming BIG and even if it is scary! I am sharing with you some key secrets to overcoming fear and rejection so you not only dream BIG but you reap the BIG rewards too!

I wrote this programme for you…

I am a visionary and I know you are too otherwise you wouldn’t have considered this programme if you weren’t. Some of this content I save for my 1:1 clients, but now is the time to share it with all of you.

I know the feeling of wanting more, knowing you were born for more than mediocrity.

Even though we are happy with our life, or our ‘lot’ as some people refer to it as, we can’t help but think about how life would be if we actually followed that dream of ours, followed that yearning deep inside of us, and just got on with that project that keeps swimming around in our head, distracting us from the reality right in front of us

You and I both know there is ALWAYS more.

So are you ready to…

  • Impact the world inspiring others?
  • Become the very best and happiest version of self?
  • Take action and create magical results like never before?
  • Listen to soul, allowing the universe to guide you?
  • Create quantum shifts and meet your soul mates?

Create an UpRising In Your Life

For Only..