horse to water

What is training?

Simply put, it’s sharing KNOWLEDGE with you, giving you IDEAS, tasks to work on to develop your skills and knowledge base, putting you in a stronger position to enhance & improve your quality of life and giving you the edge to compete in life.

Ultimately, it’s about YOU CHOOSING to take it on and implement YOUR NEW KNOWLEDGE CREATING the FUTURE you’ve always wanted!

Why do you need training?

Well, the very same reason you need to work out and eat healthily – to maintain your focus, increase your knowledge and motivate yourself to be more and do more! Life is an adventure so equip yourself with the tools needed for your next challenge or mission!

Dawn will deliver workshop and discussion-based training that enables you, the participant, the opportunity to generate and totally own (or embed) the learning experience. You will also be required to produce real live results between the two training sessions.

Training isn’t someone sharing information with you, you not implementing it and then blaming the trainer; it’s about you gaining knowledge to springboard yourself toward your goals, but you have to do it yourself!

For example, remember the adage ‘you can lead a horse to water…’? Will you drink the water or will you sit and wait for something magical to happen?

It will be interesting, workable and effective in the long term and we might even have a little fun along the way.