Surround yourself with positivity!


Whether it is up close and personal or via a social media platform, those who enter your personal space can have anything from a subtle to a major impact on your life – sometimes without you even knowing it. With this course, you’ll understand why and how to attract the right kind of people.

• We will look at ‘The Secret’s’ claim to only surround yourself with people like you and how to avoid the pitfalls of doing this.

• You will explore the kind of messages you are projecting, how authentic they are and choosing whether you want or need to change them to gain the results you want in life.

• You will practise new ways of being and discuss effective networking skills for YOU and the way YOU WORK, not what ‘everyone else’ thinks is appropriate. You will make the choice and know how to ‘own it’ without doubt.

This course has 4 modules and will run as a single day’s training course – ideally 10am – 12pm, an hour for lunch and then resuming 1pm – 3pm. It can be taken as a standalone course or for maximum impact combine it with ‘What gets you up in the morning?‘, ‘The road ahead‘ and ‘Goals = Victory‘.