With so many boats on the oceans, finding the right passage with the right people can sometimes seem challenging; especially as a woman.

Now that might seem sexist, but for me and many others, men and women alike, it is a simply harsh truth.

Many men are wanting ‘man time’ in their ‘man cave’.  A chance to escape from the wife back home, work and the kids.  Many men are thrill seeking with ocean crossings. Others are happiest when it is him and the woman he loves just cruising along the coast line.

For females… we fall into one of three categories ‘rail bait’, ‘boat bitch’ or ‘one of the lads’; sometimes there is the fourth category, the other woman!

Having sailed on a variety of boats in different parts of the world, I’ve been lucky with the boats I have crewed for.  The men on board have been more like uncles and brothers, rather then leeches or perverts.  I’ve learnt to choose wisely. I have set firm boundaries in place before sailing.  My partner, who has been on the ocean for 20+ years, gave me a HUGE amount of really useful advice.

I’ve been offered many ‘opportunities’ to sail with guys, but the moment I mention my partner or my MMA capabilities, those with ill intentions VERY soon disappear! Mention I am an author with a public following, writing a book about my circumnavigation.. others disappear for a variety of reasons.

I’ve only sailed with a two women; one great, one not so much.  Most ladies I have met on my sailing journey have been absolutely wonderful! Full of really helpful hints and tips, motherly advice and really supportive of my circumnavigation mission.

On this next passage, the owner is involving me in some of the repairs, enabling me to learn more about boat maintenance. Just perfect for when I have my own boat. He is more than happy for me to take over the galley and create delicious healthy meals for us all.  The other two guys on board are also really nice and conversations are both easy and stimulating.

This latest boat is beautiful  and she’s wooden! A proper old school ketch with history! Oh the stories this boat will have! She’s just beauitful!   Being a fan of tall ships and historical boats, my partner and I are searching for our own wooden sailing boat. I’m looking for a small ship, but the right boat will present herself to us, in all her wooden glory!

Being on board a boat, in confined spaces, you need to know how to give each other space.  How to get on with people you hardly know in a very short space of time is essential.  There’s no dominating the conversations or the space.  I’m someone who talks and giggles a lot.  I’m also very good at disappearing to my bunk, or sitting on deck by myself reading. Taking time out to write or simply looking at the clouds or the horizon.

So as I am looking for passage from Indonesia to South Africa, across the Indian Ocean, a 34 week passage I want to make sure I call in the right people, the right vessel, the right vibe; and I know I can.  I know the universe will deliver; and I know I am ready for what will be my longest ocean crossing yet! So excited!! :D

If you would like to read my article ‘Rail bait or boat bitch’ which was featured in the Opua Cruising Clubs monthly publication, click on this link.

If you are wanting to learn more about me before offering me passage on one of the legs of my circumnavigation, as part of your crew  you can find me on www.crewbay.com/dawnbates or on www.findacrew.com … or even easier than that, you can simply message me through here or on Facebook   

For those interested in offering me passage, please note that I am writing a book series called The Mermaid’s Guide and it is about my journey, not about those I sail with.  Your privacy is 100% respected.

Anything else you wish to know about me you can read in my first trilogy #TheTrilogyofLifeItself available on Amazon using this link 

So until the next installment… which will be in at least 3 weeks time… I got some sailing to do first!! :D Yaay!! so excited!!

with love to you all,

have an amazing couple of weeks, be happy, be blessed and be healthy and safe!
Dawn xx