Writing a book can be a lonely and daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be.

Figuring out how you are going to find the time to write it, how to structure the ideas dancing around in your head, how to format the pages and design the cover art, plus all the 101 other things which need to be done before you’ve even got to the publishing stage.

And then what?

Once it is published, how do you make your book stand out from all the rest?

How do you market your book, getting it into bookstores around the world?

How do you make money from your book, living off the royalties alone?

What if it is a book about human rights violations, social injustices, how you survived a traumatic experience and how you can help others?

What about naming others in your book?

And the copyright issues?

The list of questions goes on and on, and sooner or later The Silent Assassin has slayed your ideas, filling you with fear before you have even started the first sentence.

This was me back in 2009. Questions and confusion flooding my mind and everyone the expert.

Except they weren’t because most of them had never written a book let alone published one.

I found the whole publishing industry either unreachable, too arrogant and dismissive or so pretentious I knew I couldn’t bear to stand another minute in their company.

So I did what I had always done, invested in myself and my vision, learning as I go.

I have invested over $200,000USD into learning how to format, publish, promote and sell my books to an international, culturally diverse market.

And with my Author Academy hosting a wide variety of

Workbook and video based distance courses

One-off Training videos

Live Bi-Monthly group coaching sessions

Live Weekly Classroom Courses

Master Classes

1:1 Sessions

you too can benefit from the decades of experience and investments I have made to ensure you not only get your book(s) written with ease, but you also get the ongoing support to make sure that once you are published, you go on to fulfill everything you wish to achieve for yourself, your readers and the communities you wish to reach.

My team and are ready for you when you are ready, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get your book written and published, with you becoming the successful author you wish to become – however that success looks for you!

You can choose how you wish to learn with us and how you would like us to support you – click here to see your options – or use the calendar below to set up an appointment where we can discuss what might work best for you.