Far too many authors enjoy the ‘starving artists’ lifestyle and mentality… not because they enjoy the struggle, but because of the payoff of belonging with others who do not know how to succeed. My question to you is this: Why belong with those who prefer to make excuses rather than money and create success?

With this Money Mindset Shifts 16 page workbook, you will discover:

  • Practical tips
  • Journalling questions
  • Actions to take

So you can move forward into the next level of success and financial freedom!

“I have done some worksheets previously where they delve into different aspects of money mindset, and found this Money Mindset Shifts by Dawn Bates really useful and something that I could see myself benefiting from doing again.

I liked the breakdown of activities and the journalling parts. The reflective questions are really helpful and highlight where there are underlying money mindset issues. One part I found interesting that also made me feel a bit fearful was consolidating debt, which is a personal thing, but very possibly relevant for so many of us.”

– Charlotte, Essex