Deep waters

Deep waters, like deep wounds, hide a multitude of things.

Out in the middle of the ocean, where I love and long to be pretty much most of the time, life is silent, peaceful, and yet if we have any deep wounds, the noise is louder than the bass bins at an all night rave party.

These deep wounds, painful memories, rampaging thoughts, overwhelming emotions are there for us to deal with; brushing them under the carpet, thinking they will go away is foolish; but then again they do say ‘there is nowt as foolish as folk’

Unless our thoughts, memories and emotions are bringing us joy and happiness, leading us to inner peace, then they will slowly poison us from the inside out, resulting in dis-ease on an individual and community level.

Take the content of my next series of books ‘The Sacral Series’, which explores a multitude of subjects including, but not limited to cultural diversity, racism, sexual abuse, rape, religion and corruption of our global government and legal systems.

Not light reading by anyone’s imagination, but a series of books which address issues which need addressing and highlighting so we can all discover solutions for ourselves, as well as our immediate families, communities and nations.

Since my divorce, and being told “I would find it hard for someone to love me” I have, believe it or not, played small. I have hidden parts of myself to not only make myself more palatable, whilst being on a journey of immense healing, but also to protect myself.

Talking about some of the subjects I have wanted to talk about would have invited in the kind of conversations I was not ready to have, due to a number of issues going on in my private life.

I have shared some of these challenges publicly, to bring awareness of situations, such as the whole Scotland Saga, which I wrote about in my 3rd book Crossing The Line.

Why did I share what happened?

To help educate others. To help others understand anything can happen to any of us at any time. None of us are immune.

And I shared because for us to protect ourselves from the harm caused by the State, which encompasses the police and social care system, what my family and I went through needed to be shared.

Is it the system which is flawed though? Or is it the people who work within the system?

Both if you ask me.

And here is why.

As with any organisation, it is made up of people, and people come with a whole heap of views, ideas, and opinions; which they gained from borrowed beliefs, values and their own experiences in life.

Together these individuals create laws, rules and processes based on who they are, and what they think is best for others. How do these people know what is best for others though?

Most of what these people know and understand comes from a text book and institutionalised brainwashing from the education system, which is propagated by a government who wish to remain in power and have control over the people.

Very few of the organisations I was hired to work with, both in the public and private sector around the world, had people from a variety of backgrounds, hence why I was hired.

Yes, they had the ‘token ethnic’ or the ‘right religion or racial profile’ to fulfil a quotient which is required by a particular funding body, or a preventative measure against discrimination in the workplace, but they didn’t understand the vastness of cultural diversity and global communication.

The work I have done around the world in the arenas of cultural diversity, politics and leadership have not been palatable for many people, and then people wonder why there are so many problems in the world.

Many people will associate the name Moana with the sickly sweet Disney movie Moana, but this book is more about the deep waters of the soul, the deep healing of a woman traumatised by rejection, rape and a toxic relationship laced with subtle narcissism of the worst kind.

Over the years, I have been called a dolphin or a mermaid due to the amount of swimming I do, and the length of time I can stay under water, a name which has stuck, and been grossly misunderstood.

When I embarked on this global book tour of mine, there were many reasons for doing so; the desire to live at sea, harnessing the power of the ocean, being the main reasons. A dream I’d had since I was eight years old.

Coming up with a name for my second upcoming series of books, The Mermaid’s Guide, a series of books on leadership and cultural diversity, gender issues and environmental awareness was easy. It was fun, catchy and as with a lot of aspects of what I write, multifaceted.

My kind of mermaid has nothing to do with the long blonde hair and big breasts, nor does she have anything to do with the world of Disney. Combine the political awareness of Banksy with the depths of the ocean, and you are a lot closer to my kind of mermaid.

Moana may mean deep waters, or from the sea, or far from the reef, depending on the area of the Pacific you are referring to, but this Moana is going to take you to the depth of your soul, make you see things differently, and make you realise all is not as it seems on the surface.

The Sacral Series brings you 9 true life stories, ones which have been shared with me over the years, and of course ones which have been trusted to me to bring them forth, whilst also protecting the identity of those within the covers of the books.

Within the covers of each book, you will also discover the various different ways to heal from sexual trauma from experts such as Sandra Rolus, an energetic trauma release teacher and trainer.

This collaboration with experts from around the world, in various different aspects of the social issues raised in this series has been a long time coming: and let’s be honest, this isn’t just an individual problem we are facing, this is a social issue, one of global proportions.

What will be interesting is the conversations which follow, the number of copies sold of each book, especially when TV programmes such as Special Victims Unit and Criminal Minds can go on to become some of the most watched programmes and purchased boxsets in the Western world.

Knowing these 9 stories are real life stories, and the stories of many more men, women and children from around the world from all walks of life, will that put off the readers? Or will it make them even more powerful?

Only those of you who know about these books and choose to buy them will know, and then be able to choose to make a difference in the world with your recommendations and reviews.

Moana is available from the 22nd September 2020, and already available to order

Accompanying each book is a powerful podcast, co-hosted by the one and only Adam R Walton of The Mental Mastery Alliance , a podcast host with the skill and intellect, sensitivity and courage to be able to hold space for the kind of conversations that need to be had.

I am both honoured and delighted to be able to serve with him, and bring about the global change that is much needed.

The question is, will you be brave enough to join us and dive into the deep waters with us?

Curiosity killed the Cat

becoming annie

How many times have you heard the phrase ‘Curiosity killed the cat’?

If you are anything like me, you will have heard it many times as a warning because your inquisitive nature may have been leading you to mischief, or even injury.

The thing is though, when we get curious, we discover more about the world in which we live, and more about ourselves.

When this happens, we learn more about what is possible, and again if you’re like me, this leads to excitement and incredible opportunities presenting themselves to us in abundance.

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like being excited?

Or being gifted opportunities simply because they got excited due to their curiosity?

“Sorry, I don’t want to be excited or given the opportunity of a lifetime” said no one in my network!

I get it.  Curiosity kills the cat in many ways.

But, and this is a big but, and like I have said before, we know big buts do not lie…

(And if you haven’t figured out this reference yet, you are obviously not on my wave length, and a little bit of curiosity will deliver a smile to you!)

Anyway, back to curiosity killing the cat, which it has done on many occasion I am sure, but we are talking about a level of curiosity which will light you up from the inside, and the path ahead to the success you want in life.

Take Annie Gibbins for example.

A woman who was told she couldn’t do a lot of things.

Had a two sets of twins within 2 years of each other! (That in and of itself needs an applause and a level of curiosity to find out how she coped with that!)

Experienced life threatening asthma, yet still managed to climb mountains (quite literally!) and come back down the mountain with a business idea having just had her very own lipstick moment.

Yeah, a lipstick moment! at Everest Base Camp! Because where else would you have a moment of wanting your lipstick ladies, having spent several days in the same clothes sweating in the freezing cold.

Not sure about you, but the more I started to learn about this lady, there was no way I was going to miss the chance to learn more about her, especially as she is one of Australia’s leading ladies, and I don’t give her that title willy-nilly either!

(In fact I didn’t give it to her, it’s what her peers tell me, and something she gave herself!)

Annie’s rise to the top of the medical world in Corporate Australia has been nothing short of incredible and I for one love being in the company of unsung heroes, and then making sure others know about them too.

So when Annie asked me to be a ghost writer for her autobiography, and I had composed myself from giggling, I told her there was no way a woman such as her wanted an autobiography.

Nothing less than a biography would do, and four months later I am here to share with you her story.

Yes, four months it took for me to research this incredible human being, interviewing family, friends, colleagues and mentors, and then get this book ready for you to read.

I stalked her for three months on social media, went down the rabbit whole of the internet, finding out as much as I could about her.

Not a lot blows me away these days, especially with a lot of female leaders out there in the world, but Annie? Yeah, you could say I am every so slightly impressed with her.

Had a bit of a girl crush actually.


Because so many women who have reached Annie’s level of success, well quite frankly they are a far too egotistical for my liking, and to use one of my favourite sayings “Their heads are so far up their backsides, its back on their shoulders!”

As women we have experienced male domination for centuries, then it was the ‘Bitches with Briefcases’ in the eighties, which morphed into ‘Boss Bitch’ towards the end of the nineties, many of whom still remain today.

Now alongside them, we have the ‘Love and Light Brigade’ who send love but the moment you start to shine even remotely as brightly as them, they start to distance themselves and take their love and affection elsewhere.

Not so with Annie Gibbins.

Annie is just pure joy, open hearted and as one of her mentors Stephen De Sede, Founder of the DeSede Institute says “Annie has no ego, and her purpose is to make everyone believe in themselves”

And that’s just what she does for the women who take part in her Magic Transformation programme, a programme which encourages women to get really curious about their lives, and if they have a business, get curious about that too.

I for one have always been curious.  It is one of the reasons I love travelling so much, well, not at the moment obviously, what with the restrictions in place.

That said, I have been making plans for the Brazilian leg of my book tour and building the foundations of my United States book tour… I mean after all I’m already in America, it just happens to be South America.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but curiosity is a powerful tool to work with.  It allows us to discover scientific and technological breakthroughs.

It allows us to explore our  body and mind, as well as our own soul if we choose to allow ourselves too.

We’re even getting curious about life on other planets, and if you speak with some people, they are really curious as to what is REALLY going on in the world at the moment, and not just with Hollywood and Royalty either.

Is this whole KoVid-XIX really a play by The Rockefeller Foundation?

Choosing to be curious is a choice, like everything else in life. 

Choosing to be happy, choosing to laugh everyday, choosing to be healthy, choosing to ignore the truth we know about situations, choosing to ignore the truth we know about ourselves.

Choosing to simply BE all of who we are, in each and every area of our life, regardless of what others think of us, takes a deeper sense of curiosity than anything else.


Because when we get curious as to why we are not being true to ourselves,

Or why we are not ourselves when others are around,

When we choose to not be all of who we were born to be,

Then we discover answers which will set us free and allow us to become the very person we wish to be.

And isn’t that what we all want, deep down inside?

Would love to hear your thoughts, so join me over on my social media pages and let’s continue the conversation.

In the meantime though, to purchase your copy of Becoming Annie: The Biography of a Curious Woman, click on this link, and enjoy the ride!

It’s a beautiful one I can promise you that.

With love as always,

Dawn x

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