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A little About Dawn...

Having always been a bit of a renegade, Dawn has always gone after what she wants… apart from the biggest dreams she had as a child; a life of living at sea, writing books and travelling wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted all in the most environmentally way possible. She gave up on this dream when she met and married her ex-husband; and although Dawn fulfilled many of her dreams of running businesses, becoming a mother, helping others to live their dream life and writing books, there was still that burning desire to live by the ocean. The ocean called to her soul, and every chance she got, she would be by the ocean.

Following her divorce in 2014, Dawn knew her time to live at sea was becoming a reality. With the full support of her children, her ex-husband, family and friends, Dawn now lives her life sailing around the world, writing for publications, authoring books, delivering seminars, talking at events, key note speeches, as well as coaching and mentoring her clients from all around the world, as well having created multiple income streams that enable her to life her dream life.


our philosophy

To enable each and every person we work with to live an inspired, joyful and successful life being the very best version of self whilst implementing the 80/20 Giggle Rule.

What We Offer


Do you have a powerful and inspiring story to share with the world, but just don’t have the time to write it? Are you someone who has made the big time in your chosen profession, but don’t have the skills, or the desire to write your own book? Is there a lot of research to do, and you simply need to someone to help you with it all, compiling it altogether into book format?

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This is for you, for a more tailored service, focusing on your own personal journey. Together we will uncover all that is holding you back and develop your weaknesses into strengths, create a bespoke bestselling campaign for your very own market, as well as have regular accountability and support calls to ensure you achieve the personal goals you set yourself.

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Dawn is no stranger to speaking in front of audiences, whether these are impromptu live streams on Facebook or a more prepared key note speech and workshop, she has a variety of material & abilities to make any audience feel inspired, taking many things away with them to think about. She has appeared on stages, expert panels, in UNI lectures, podcasts, radio and on TV.

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From the Journal

I wouldn’t bother travelling if I was you.

I wouldn’t bother travelling if I was you. Not unless you are prepared for all of which travelling will bring up for you. The days and weeks where the only conversations are ordering food or locating somewhere to stay.  Meeting…

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and then reality hits…

You know those moments in life when you have been working on something for what seems like ages, and then you suddenly realise it is happening, the dream is a reality? Yep, that’s kind of where I am at right…

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Time out

Time out is something used within sports games to check in with the team, it is used by parents as a ‘time to think about your actions’ when raising kids, but how many of us adults take a time out…

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Open to receiving

Being open to receving all we truly desire in this world can be a difficult concept to grasp for some, and incredibly easy for others. We see so many people living abundant lives and others struggling.  There are times in…

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