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With content designed to help and support you every step of the way along your author journey, encompassing self-study materials, live classes and recordings, you can choose your own preferred style of learning which also fits your budget… and the great thing is, you don’t have to be a non-fiction author or activist either!

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This 30-Day Commitment Challenge is designed to…

Move the manuscript(s) or workbook(s) from out of the folders on your hard drive, along with those ideas for cover design out of your head and off your vision board, into the real world. You may also choose to use this #CommittmentChallenge to write out 30 days of self-love alchemising your pain into your power.

Commit to yourself.

Commit to your vision.

Commit to your future.

It’s time to stop hiding…

Who you are…

And your genius!

Seminar Topics include:
  • How to get started and overcome writers block
  • Finding the time and the right environment to write
  • Building your author life your way!
  • Creating visions and business blueprints for your own success
  • How to find the champions for your books
  • Marketing your books for consistent sales and impact
  • How to create merchandising and multiple income streams from your book
  • The key characteristics of a writer and author – and what the difference is
  • How to increase your word count and productivity
  • Copyright, naming others and avoiding legal action
  • How to deal with being in the spotlight as an author
Author Boot Camp

Are you ready to join Dawn in person for 2 weeks of up close and personal exploration of the mind with Alice and the Caterpillar down rabbit holes, deep soul diving, exploring the fabulous nature Canada has to offer, whilst bringing your book(s) to life?

This is a unique opportunity to have your mind, body and soul nourished with food to heal, delight and nourish, catered for by a private chef on site in a private villa in beautiful Canada.

What’s inside the 7 Week Author Course?

This course was designed to be completed in 7 Weeks for MAXIMUM MOMENTUM – but it was also designed with YOUR flexibility in mind. You may not have the capacity to commit to 7 Weeks non-stop due to work, family, health and finances; and you may not have the need for all 7 modules. So, like a child let loose in a sweet shop, pick and mix the modules, timeframes and bundles which WORK BEST FOR YOU! Todo bien? Si? Vamos!! Kullu Qwai’isa? Alhamdulilah! Yalla Basora!

Module One – Mastering the art of book writing


Harnessing the power of the endless chatter in your mind, getting to the core of your message, whilst getting present to the real and perceived fears of what may or may not happen along the way, so you can face them head-on and prepare yourself to write in complete and utter flow.

Module Two – Vision creation for maximum impact

Creating a vision you see and feel so clearly that it becomes impossible for you to not achieve it, whilst identifying new habits, and developing existing ones that will help excel you and your vision forward.

Module Three – Show me the money


Creating an income from your books and developing product spectrums that excite you and your readers so you can create abundance for yourself and your bigger vision to become a reality.

Module Four – Living and loving life your way


Getting present to the depth of human rights violations and social justice projects out in the world and whether they simply lip service, fighting a losing battle, or making a difference. Understanding what this all means for your book, future projects, and humanity as a whole.

Module Five – Environment is everything

Diving deeper into how the various environments impact our lives – and the environments we are impacting with the work we do, the books we write, and who we are.

Module Six – More than just money

Legacy building and understanding how much we understand the world we are entering into by becoming an author and what is truly possible for us, our immediate family and friends, and humanity – outside of the vanity Metrics and money side of things.

Module Seven – What’s next?

Making sure that you are ready for the publishing process and the days, weeks, and months that follow the birthing of your book. Are you ready to leap or will you run and hide? Dealing with the emotions and the ‘fame’ you have created with the release of your book and new author life.

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