ALPHA by Dawn Bates

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By Dawn Bates

Saving humanity – one vagina at a time

There are wifely duties, and there is obeying your husband. In public he was the kind hearted Pastor, the voice of reason and wisdom in those moments of need. Behind closed doors he was a monster, and the reign of terror he inflicted was worse than the devil himself.

Finding the courage and the strength to leave is one thing, taking that courage out onto the streets is another. No longer was it acceptable for women and girls to be mutilated, raped and abused, but just how far was she prepared to go, and who if anyone would stand with her?

Now was the time to come out of hiding. Now was the time to stand together, because if not now, when? And if not Alpha, who? Would any of these women stand and fight for their rights?

The Sacra Series

ALPHA is book 4 in The Sacral Series