Book 5 in the Sacral Series

By Dawn Bates

Faith by Dawn Bates

Leaving Religion to Save Your Soul

Abused and bullied by the Imam during Qur’aan class, the children left one by one. For one of them, a journey of self- discovery in the world of meta-physics and the quantum realm began. As he got older, he became more aware of the sexual, financial, emotional and spiritual abuses inflicted upon young believers across all religions.

Then his family home got raided, leaving him, his siblings and his parents devastated, fearful, suspicious and re-evaluating who they were as individuals and as a family.

The 7/7 bombings in London made many reflect what it meant to be British; but as a target of the anti-terrorism laws, the growing racism and the Islamophobia across Britain, Faith was now identified as a Muslim or a terrorist. Never as a man, a human, or a British citizen.

Who was he? And what had the bombings in London done to the people of Britain?

Sacral series podcast

The Sacral Series Podcast

A nine part multi-episodic series of conversations to accompany the books.

We live in a society offended by swearing but not by sexual abuse. People sweating the small stuff, burying their heads in the sand and contributing to the problem due to their comatose state of ignorance.

These conversations will bring about awareness, give insights into the true depth of the problem in our day to day lives, not just on a global political scale, and bring about the much needed change in the global discourse surrounding sexual abuse and trauma.

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The Sacral Series

FAITH is book 5 in The Sacral Series