Activists. Change Makers. Innovators. Alchemists. Revolutionists. Visionaries. Rebels. Champion. Advocate. Campaigner. Reformer…

This list goes on, and it doesn’t matter what name you give to us all; we are all very much the same at the very core of our being.

We see a better, more sustainable and harmonious way of doing things. We see a better world emerging for all when our vision is realised, and our voices are combined.

To be a leader in business, harnessing the power of activism creates real change in our local community, our nations and the world. We get to influence policy makers through local and national governance.

To be a public figure who has achieved greatness and a level of fame in sports or the arts, harnessing the power of activism gifts you the opportunity to be a voice for those without a voice – especially those who are having their voices silenced in some horrific ways.

Here at Dawn Bates International, we work with those whose heart and desire for change is so big, and their drive and commitment for making the world a better place is relentless.

We are here to amplify your courage in speaking out, using your story as a vehicle for change through the world of literature – because the more people around the world who can read, the more powerful the people become, the more we eradicate poverty.

The world needs great books, with great stories from today’s leaders, and this is why we invite those of you who want to see real change in the world to work with us.

Or schedule a meeting with me to find out more.

As a company dedicated to ensuring everyone knows their human rights bringing about positive social change, we have added this useful booklet detailing all the articles within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Please download it, use it in your businesses, classrooms, organisations and in your own life.

And if you would like our founder Dawn Bates to come and deliver a workshop or talk on what it means to implement better policies and practices into your workplaces, then please contact us using this form.