Tough To Talk: Man Up

Launch date 6th March!
Paperback and Hardback Versions will also be available.

Tough To Talk: Man Up

A Global Collection of Brave and Insightful Stories of Men’s Mental Health Challenges

Curated by Steve Whittle, Founder of Tough To Talk Charity

In this carefully curated and thought out anthology, men from all over the global have opened up about their mental health struggles. Discover the path which took these men into the depth of the dark nights of the soul, their life or death choices, and how they have fought back against their own demons in this powerful and carefully curated book. Tough to Talk is on a mission to transform the lives of men and their communities by encouraging open dialogue around male struggles. We strive to empower businesses and community leaders to take a stand against male suicide rates and help men find their voice in times of hardship. By buying this book, you are joining the much-needed conversations that are saving lives. Together, we can create a safe space for men to express their emotions, share their stories, and break free from the stigma surrounding mental health. Let’s ignite change and build a brighter future for men everywhere. BREAKING THE STIGMA, WHILST SAVING AND IMPROVING LIVES #ToughToTalk #MentalHealthMatters #EndTheStigma


Steve WhittleSteve approached Dawn about a different book he had been part of and wanted to know the best way to publish it in paperback as he had seen the Man Up Series of books she was working on. One conversation led to another and before they knew it, Steve had become the founder of the Tough To Talk Men’s Health and Suicide Prevention Charity with a board of directors, produced a Tough To Talk ManUp Journal and organising suicide prevention first aid courses, and a whole host of other services for men, and those who love them.

With all proceeds from the sales of this ManUp: Tough To Talk anthology going to support the charity, a charity which is also organising sporting challenges and fundraising events across the UK, both Steve and his team hope to squash the stigma for men to talk about their mental health challenges and help reduce the number of men taking their own lives across the world.

To find out more about Tough To Talk and how you can get involved, contact Steve via his LinkedIn Profile here.

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