Unlock the secrets to prolific writing and transform your authorial journey from mundane to magnificent! Discover how to not just write, but to thrive as a wordsmith extraordinaire.

With my 7 Week Author Course, crafted by me, a global award-winning, international bestselling author, you’ll delve into the art and science of writing with unprecedented clarity and purpose.

Imagine this: You want to learn how to write more each day, effortlessly churning out words fueled by the perfect writing environment tailored to your needs. No more daunting tasks or lonely writing sessions. Instead, embrace the joy of creation and watch as your literary dreams unfold into tangible success.

But wait, there’s more! As you embark on this transformative journey, you’ll not only hone your craft but also position yourself for the accolades and rewards you deserve. With each module meticulously designed to offer comprehensive guidance, including interactive workbooks and enlightening video tutorials, you’ll have everything you need to thrive as an author.

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Let’s rewrite the narrative of your author’s life together, making it not just enjoyable but profoundly profitable. Don’t settle for merely learning to write—embrace the opportunity to become a master of your craft.

BONUS: 7 Live Sessions

Experience the unparalleled advantage of direct engagement with me across the seven live sessions. These aren’t just any sessions; they’re interactive, immersive, and intensely personal. I’ll be there to guide you, challenge you, and respond to your specific needs and questions as they arise, making each session dynamically tailored to the group’s interests and progress.

DBI Birthday Pricing

In celebration of our 9th year, enjoy an exclusive discount that reflects our commitment to making this transformative experience accessible while still offering tremendous value. Typically, 10.5 hours of my live group author coaching would value at $5,825. However, for this special event, we are offering the entire 7 live sessions for just $1,117. That’s a saving of over $4,700, making this an extraordinary opportunity!

Limited Availability

To maintain the intimacy and effectiveness of live interactions, spots are highly limited. This ensures that each participant receives personalised attention and a bespoke learning experience. You’re not just a face in the crowd; you’re a valued part of a small, exclusive group of writers who will receive direct mentorship that’s as unique as your own writing journey. You do not want to miss this!

What makes this offer exclusively


We are celebrating 9 Years…

For the first time and in celebration of the 9th anniversary of Dawn Bates International, I’m thrilled to offer a unique opportunity to participate in 7 LIVE sessions with me, Dawn Bates, starting July 4th, 2024.

This exclusive series is your chance to engage directly with me as we delve into each module of our celebrated 7-Week Author Course. Together, we’ll explore your writing aspirations, tackle real-time challenges, and harness your potential through personalised guidance and interactive coaching.

This special live series of the 7-Week Author Course is more than just learning; it’s a transformative journey with real-time responsiveness to your creative needs. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to boost your authorial ambitions and connect with a community under the guidance of a seasoned author and coach.

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This 7 Week Author Course was designed to be completed in just 7 Weeks for MAXIMUM MOMENTUM – but it was also designed with YOUR flexibility in mind.

You may not have the capacity to commit to 7 Weeks non-stop due to work, family, health and finances; and you may not have the need for all 7 modules.

So, like a child let loose in a sweet shop, pick and mix the modules, timeframes and bundles which WORK BEST FOR YOU!

Todo bien? Si? Vamos!! Kullu Qwai’isa? Alhamdulilah! Yalla Basora!

The 7 Week Author Course Modules

Module 1: Mastering the Art of Book Writing

Empower your voice, conquer imposter syndrome, boost your confidence, and prepare for the authorship journey

Module 2: Vision Creation for Maximum Impact

Transform your writing into a visionary journey, tackle self-sabotage, and empower yourself to thrive as an entrepreneur

Module 3: Show Me the Money!

Unlock additional income beyond royalties, create abundance, and achieve financial freedom

Module 4: Living and Loving Life – Your Way!

Transform from writer to change-maker, impact lives, and drive positive global change through your books

Module 5: Environment is Everything

Explore book eco-friendliness, personal environments, and their impact. Transform your life and vision

Module 6: More Than Just Money

Unlock the power of authorship, build a meaningful legacy, and make a lasting impact

Module 7: What’s Next?

Unlock post-publishing success, handle emotions, haters, and plan future achievements.

The LIVE 7 Week Author Course GROUP COACHING starts July 4th!






Not quite ready to go all in? Or need one area of study more than the others?

Then select the area of growth and understanding you want to invest in here.

Module 1: Mastering the Art of Book Writing

Module 2: Vision Creation for Maximum Impact

Module 3: Show Me the Money!

Module 4: Living and Loving Life – Your Way!

Module 5: Environment is Everything

Module 6: More Than Just Money

Module 7: What’s Next?