Welcome to…

The 7 Week Author Course

Learn how to write more each day, create the right environment and how to make sure your author’s life is a profitable one.

Writing a book doens’t have to be hard and it can be an enjoyable experience.

As a global award winning author, during this course I pass on all my learnings and break everything down step-by-step for you.

Includes Workbooks and Video Tutorials

Are you ready to become one of my #1MillionAuthors?

This 7 Week Author Course was designed to be completed in just 7 Weeks for MAXIMUM MOMENTUM – but it was also designed with YOUR flexibility in mind.

You may not have the capacity to commit to 7 Weeks non-stop due to work, family, health and finances; and you may not have the need for all 7 modules.

So, like a child let loose in a sweet shop, pick and mix the modules, timeframes and bundles which WORK BEST FOR YOU!

Todo bien? Si? Vamos!! Kullu Qwai’isa? Alhamdulilah! Yalla Basora!

What will you learn?

Module 1: Mastering the Art of Book Writing

Empower your voice, conquer imposter syndrome, boost your confidence, and prepare for the authorship journey

Module 2: Vision Creation for Maximum Impact

Transform your writing into a visionary journey, tackle self-sabotage, and empower yourself to thrive as an entrepreneur

Module 3: Show Me the Money!

Unlock additional income beyond royalties, create abundance, and achieve financial freedom

Module 4: Living and Loving Life – Your Way!

Transform from writer to change-maker, impact lives, and drive positive global change through your books

Module 5: Environment is Everything

Explore book eco-friendliness, personal environments, and their impact. Transform your life and vision

Module 6: More Than Just Money

Unlock the power of authorship, build a meaningful legacy, and make a lasting impact

Module 7: What’s Next?

Unlock post-publishing success, handle emotions, haters, and plan future achievements.

So are you ready to…

  • Join the world of Authorship?
  • Empower your voice and boost your confidence?
  • Create additional income and abundance?
  • Become a change-maker and impact lives?