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Are you ready to publish? Get a manuscript assessment!

Perhaps you are asking yourself, “Why on earth would I want, or need a manuscript assessment?”

And the answer will vary between each and every person or company who offers you the service

Here at DBI, our founder and Lead Author, Dawn Bates, will not only proofread and give you manuscript a copy edit, youll also receive the added addition of a culturally cohesive global edit harnessing the power of Dawn’s global travels and immersions into more than forty countries and five languages across five of the six continents, ensuring your book appeals to a global audience

This matters because when it comes to translating your book into multiple languages, you will have a strong foundation of which to build upon.

Testimonial for Dawn

“Even if you think your manuscript is as polished as possible, I still recommend a manuscript assessment from Dawn. Her global view helped me tremendously since I haven’t traveled much. She even had some editing, merchandising, and prequel/sequel ideas for me, and they really made me think about the future of my book! I cannot stress enough how valuable her insight is and will continue to be to me. Many creative people have a hard time with the business side, and her input truly opened my eyes.

“Thank you, Dawn!”

Amanda Denham
Author of Sin Eater

Not only will you get a global outlook edit for your book, but you will receive strategic ideas on how to create multiple income streams, where to position yourself in the marketplace and insights into which elements of your manuscript to use for marketing.

Dawn reads every manuscript at least three times, once from an editors point of view, once from a publishers point of view and the final read through is as a reader who is investing time and money into your book for a learning experience or escapism.

So honour your work, your efforts and your reader by booking a manuscript assessment with Dawn today!

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