Sin Eater

Memories Vanish When She Appears

By Amanda Denham

Two years ago, Jayde Holloway discovered she had the power to erase memories by accidentally wiping the memories of her best friend Jenny at the end of their senior year.

Now, shut off from the world, Jayde exists solely for her role as the Sin Eater, an entity who can take away a person’s every bad memory if they wish…for a hefty price. Under her new strict boss Jak, who consistently keeps her under his watchful eye through blackmail and constant reminders of all her mistakes, Jayde is lonely.

Travelling back to her hometown of Palmsville, Jayde secretly meets Aiden and Amber, siblings who have a haunted past of their own. The three new friends’ bond as they take a tour of the town Jayde knows so well, sparking the woeful feelings and regrets she has tried so hard to ignore. When her painful memories begin to overwhelm, Jayde must make a choice: remain chained to a familiar but hurtful past or reveal all her darkest secrets for what could be a better future.

Sin Eater is a story about the power of memories, good and bad, with a focus on the importance of friendship.


Amanda DenhamAmanda’s wanted more control over the marketing of Sin Eater, wanted to increase sales, develop a range of merchandise with the ultimate goal of raising awareness of the growing trend of teen mental health issues. None of this was available to Amanda with her previous publisher, so armed with Dawn’s 7 Week Author Course to dive into and complete, combined with some 1:1 coaching, a fresh cover design we were able to republish the book with a much more professional look inside and out – showcasing some of Amanda’s own illustrations. Having completed a review of what Amanda wanted to achieve in her personal life and career further down the line, Dawn helped Amanda explore various options available to her, and create a marketing strategy that fits with Amand’s future goals.

  • Manuscript Assessment to make the book more globally inclusive
  • Strategy Development for increased global markets
  • Merchandising ideas generation and strategy generation
  • Cover Art Design from client supplied illustrations
  • Publishing to over 150,000 publishing platforms
  • All legal and registration services arranged
  • PR: launch and first month of press releases
  • Sales: Client’s own methodology
  • Copy Editing and Proofreading
  • Distribution: Clients own channels
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