1-1 coaching

1 to 1 Coaching for CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Authors

Client Top Up sessions

Link: soulclients.youcanbook.me

If you have worked with Dawn in the past and would like to book a top up session with her, then please use this link to kick start the process of coaching with her again. Also take a look at the list of services below as your next step in your journey may be listed below.

Discovery Call

Link: dawnbates.youcanbook.me

If you would like to know how you best to work with Dawn, either as a client or to discuss collaborating on a project, please use this link to book your call.

Book Collaborations


Do you have an idea for a book collaboration? Are you ready to lead a group of leaders, taking your leadership to a whole new level? Are you ready to expand your brand? If the answer is yes to all three of these questions, then it is time for you to jump on a call to see how Dawn Publishing, and Dawn’s tailored 1:1 coaching can assist you in your mission.

Vision Creation Sessions

Link: visioncreation.youcanbook.me

Spend half a day with Dawn diving deep into what your next level vision looks like, creating an action plan and implementing fast changes whilst on the call. Creating a vision doesn’t have to take all day, and change doesn’t have to take forever. We go deep, we go fast, and we get it done… whatever that ‘it’ is.

What’s Possible

Link: whatspossible.youcanbook.me

You’ve been in Dawn’s space for a while, you’ve seen what she is capable of, and you want some of it. Book this 90-minute session with her and get clear on what your next level looks like and what the next steps are. Expansion, leverage or exiting stage left, you will know by the end of this call which one is the right one, and maybe it is all three combined. Book the call and find out.

Product Spectrum Strategy Session

Link: moneymaker.youcanbook.me

You’ve got the ideas, you’ve created a product or five but how are they serving you, your future and ultimately your clients? How are you being of service to others, whilst also achieving everything you want to achieve.

In this session we look at the product itself, the pricing and the audience you are working with. What’s working? What’s not? Develop, delivery or delete? By the end of this session you will know exactly how much value and worth you deliver and feel more confident asking for the investment from clients.

Expand Your Brand

Link: expandyourbrand.youcanbook.me

Writing a book isn’t for everyone, so maybe you need your very own biographer or ghost writer? Regardless of who writes your book, you can guarantee it is going to expand your brand awareness and bring in additional income streams, increased awareness and help you step into the next realm of existence.

You will increase your network, your net-worth and give a voice to the causes which you are deeply passionate about. This part of your journey is no longer about the hard cash in your pocket, it is about your service to humanity and using your current levels of success to elevate you and your passion projects even further.

Manuscript assessment

Link: manuscriptassessment.youcanbook.me

So, you have a manuscript, and you want to get it published. But first you want feedback, editing and ideas on how to make multiple incomes so you are as far away from the stereotype of struggling author as possible. Maybe your book has already been written, or maybe it was a lead magnet for one of your courses and you want to expand on it and see what else is possible.

Maybe you want to create a range of merchandise and develop a marketing plan but are not sure where to even start! Well, sign up for this service by booking this session and Dawn will read, edit and develop the ideas for you.

Writer’s Unblock Session

Link: writers.youcanbook.me

You’ve been sat starting at the screen and you got nada! Zilch! You’re interested in the subject, you want to write this content and you have a deadline looming, but it doesn’t matter what you do, the writing is not flowing.

Book this session with Dawn and dive deep on what it really is that is blocking you from getting the content written.