Becoming the Champion: V1 Awareness

By Korey Carpenter

Are you aware of the impact your childhood has truly had on your life today, and how the first 7 years are the most important years of development?

Are you aware of the energetic absorption you retain from your childhood, and how we absorb other people’s trauma through their energetic signature? In this first instalment of Becoming the Champion, Korey highlights your awareness of those first seven years of development.

Korey dives deep into these important questions in such a way that will trigger events in your own memories and will redefine how those events impacted your life. He challenges the statistics and reveals how he became a statistical anomaly using the collective wisdom and higher consciousness healing. Be aware this story will reveal some harsh truths about society.


Korey had a powerful childhood story which needed telling, and he needed a coach who could handle the trauma of child abuse, drugs and the mystical realm of alternative healing. He also wanted a coach who would help him develop his vision further for the series of books he had in mind. With a story such as Korey’s, he needed a publisher willing to share with the world the contents contained in the pages. Dawn worked with Korey over an eight month period, and their work together secured Korey’s book into the top six universities within the UK.

  • 1:1 Coaching: Story Development, Accountability, Business Development and Marketing
  • Strategy Development
  • Cover Art (client supplied)
  • Publishing to over 150,000 publishing platforms
  • All legal and registration services arranged
  • PR: launch press release and introductions to various podcast hosts and networks
  • Sales and distribution: Client’s own channels
  • Copy Editing and Proofreading only
Dawn Bates Author Support