Discover the power of your voice with

51 Powerful Ps of Public Speaking

By Krystylle Richardson

Understanding the power of speaking is what gets people the jobs they desire, the funding to grow their business or win in the courtroom with a powerful closing argument, so seasoned public speaker Krystylle Richardson teamed up with our award winning writer and international bestselling author and publisher Dawn Bates to bring out a new book on the subject of public speaking.

Initially the book was for those wishing to speak at events on a stage, but with Dawn’s guidance and expertise, Krystylle’s book is now ready for any speaking engagement including podcasts, sales and boardroom presentations, use in academic settings as well as for those who wish to present their business using video for social media.

Every person has a voice, so harnessing the ability to speak on stages and the various media platforms now available to us means we can all be heard. By embracing their inner giant, using the techniques in this book, both emerging and seasoned speakers can break forth as an even powerful public speaker impacting lives daily with their newly found and refined powers.

Krystylle approached Dawn with the request to help get her book 51 Powerful P’s Of Public Speaking out into the world. Having used the voice-to-text style of ‘writing’ the manuscript, it was down to Dawn to make sense of what arrived, and bring out the best of the content.

The first draft received needed extensive work completing and was just shy of 20,000 words. After many conversations, and months of developmental editing, to include Krystylle’s personal experience of speaking around the world, and including more culturally diverse elements, the manuscript was signed off at almost 50,000 words and has proven to be a big hit with some of the biggest speakers in the USA.


Krystylle came to me wanting guidance and support to get her spoken manuscript for 51 Powerful Ps of Public Speaking, ready for publication. She wanted the book to be a learning tool for her clients who take part in her Emerge Mastermind training weekends, as well as for those breaking into the arena of public speaking. The manuscript also acts as a reminder and an improvement tool for all seasoned speakers who wish to improve their abilities.

  • Co-authoring services to provide a deeper learning experience
  • Strategy Development for an increased global markets
  • Merchandising ideas generation and strategy generation
  • Cover Art Design from client supplied photography and preferred base colours
  • Publishing to over 150,000 publishing platforms
  • All legal and registration services arranged
  • PR: launch and first month of press releases
  • Sales: Client’s own methodology
  • Copy Editing and Proofreading only
  • Distribution: Clients own channels
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