You know those moments in life when you have been working on something for what seems like ages, and then you suddenly realise it is happening, the dream is a reality? Yep, that’s kind of where I am at right now.

Since my last update on here, with all it’s wonky unaligned photos and constant updates, which I am sure has Jerry shaking his head in wonderment about what I am up to next, I have once again had to pinch myself.

Sometimes I wonder if I am dreaming and then I giggle to myself because as so many people keep telling me “You’re living the dream” and yes I am, this mad crazy dream I’ve had for so long, is now my new reality, my new normal.

But what is normal? What is reality? Isn’t it what we create for ourselves and then live each day? For some, the normal morning routine is getting up eating croissants and honey, and drinking orange juice and coffee whilst reading the newspaper, for others it is a chaotic round up of children and a mad dash to school and then the office.

Yesterday I celebrated three years of being in business all by myself, no business partners, no husband, just me, as a single woman doing her thing, and you know what it felt great! Like REALLY GREAT! Especially when I was enjoying a glass of champagne at sunset in a vineyard on my way up to the top of Mount Tiede to do some star gazing!

Even though I have been coaching and mentoring people for 20 years now, it has always been as a coach or mentor for other organisations, so to have just celebrated three years of coaching my own clients, completing my first trilogy, and the various other successes I’ve had personally is a real achievement.

So many of us think we can’t go it alone, especially single parents, but I am living proof that if you truly want something and go after it, anything is possible!  Many of my clients are single mums and I get such a buzz out of seeing them create an amazing life for themselves and their children.

In fact sometimes my face hurts from smiling so much!

The thing that really hit me yesterday was just how different my vision for business has changed in just three years, and just how small the vision was; even though the vision I had back then was for many who knew me too big for them to comprehend.

It just goes to show when you actually believe in yourself, invest time, effort and money into yourself, as well as write down as many crazy exciting ideas as possible just how many of them actually come true.

In just 2 days the second round of the 7 Week Author Course starts and I am excited to be working with such incredible leaders creating positive and powerful impact in the world, huge visions and a blueprint for their future, professionally and personally.

With only 1% of people who say they are going to write a book actually writing it and publishing it, it reminds me of the 1% of people in the world who go on to make being a multumillionaire a reality.  Are authors really in the 1% of people?

Many people laughed at me when I said I was going to make a TV series, but now thanks to the work I have put in and the belief in the dream, that too is now becoming a reality.  A spin off to my last book Crossing The Line.

Having Walaahi translated into Arabic and breaking new ground in the world of Arabic literature with its release imminent across multiple Arbic countries, I again find myself giggling away to myself wondering what other ‘crazy hair brained idea’ of mine I can make a reality.

In just a few days I am scheduled to appear on the 10 min mindset podcast with Mario Porreca, having just been interviewed by Megan R. Fenyoe for the Blonde Bombshell Podcast which you can listen to by clicking here and it seems the interviews are coming thick and fast.

A UK wide magazine will soon be running an article on me covering the story of the Scotland Saga and bringing awareness to the reality that faces many single parents in the UK, and across the Western World.

And with the release of my next book Moana not far away, and my next sailing trip across the Atlantic in October to Chile I have enough to keep me occupied and continuing to live the dream.  To some my life may seem all too hectic, but the reality is it is a rather quiet life, one I designed for myself; just one of the elements of the 7 Week Author Course I started designing sailing up the Coral Coast of Austrailia

Like the saying goes “If you can dream it, you can do it!” however, I am not sure I want some of my dreams to become a reality though… how about you? What are you dreaming about, and which ones are you going to want to become a reality?

Either way, always remember to enjoy life, and live to laugh and laugh to live, it’s the only way to live!

Enjoy the podcasts linked in here and if you have any questions about any of the content in this update, send me an email and let’s have a conversation; and if you like what you read, pass it on to someone else so they too can enjoy a break from the norm.

Ciao for now!

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