A few months ago I was sat in my office working out the figures for my business.  How was I going to make my first million by the age of 40 with only 18 months to go.  Now I ‘don’t do numbers’ I do words, and people.  Finances do my head in. But I have had to face up to my financial situation and build on where I was at.  I had to understand the numbers properly.   Focus on them.  Build on them.
I know I needed to do this as I have 2 boys and any half decent home, in a half decent area in the UK is already worth 300-350k.  Buy two and you’re already talking 600-700k, and where does that leave me and my yacht? Up the creak without a paddle, quite literally! And I don’t want a row boat, I want a 12 berth, a luxury sailing yacht that not only gives my partner and I our own space together away from the crew but also enables me to take my clients anywhere in the world for their residential coaching.  That yacht is going to cost at least 500k, just to purchase.  The repairs and remodeling we want to do to it will cost that much again.  That doesn’t include the running costs, maintenance and the extras needed when my partner and I sail around the world visiting all the countries we’ve always wanted to visit.

The figures weren’t stacking up.  I needed to either charge incredibly high prices, taking me away from the people I truly wanted to impact or work a stupid amount of hours which then took me away from the 2 most important reasons for doing what I do, my boys.

I needed a new tactic.  A new strategy.  so I started looking at other options and me being me, wanting a global business I decided to take the plunge and launch my business online.  Although I had walked away from an IT business previously, and didn’t want to work in IT any longer, preferring to work with my pens and journals, the old skool way, going online was the only option I could see that made financial sense.  So I invested heavily in a course that showed me all the ways to do this, and it is paying off.  BIG TIME!  Was I scared of launching my business online? Too right!! There is nowhere to hide! People see you! People share your stuff, and once it is out there, it is out there!

Since doing this course, I have been able to develop a team of people globally that inspire me, and only 3 of them live and work in the UK; again hitting one of my goals of positively impacting those in other countries.  The other team members are in the US, Australia, The Philippines, Pakistan and Taiwan.  And what a great team of people they are! They believe in what I am achieving, they are patient with me and all my crazy ideas, and the amount of content I am generating, because, believe me when I say this time next year, I am going to have smashed my goal of being a multi-millionaire.  Everything I offer from my business mentoring, my 12-week training courses and stand-alone modules are all available online.  I do my coaching on the line, either in large groups in a webinar or via Skype.  The only services I don’t offer online are for those clients wanting more intensive coaching through my residential and travel coaching, or premium 1:1 business mentoring.

My books are available to purchase online, ‘Friday Bridge’ is being re-released for you all before the end of the year, ready to purchase prior to the launch of ‘Walaahi!?!?’ on January 25th – a suitable date for a book about life during the Egyptian Uprising don’t you think? ;) I also have ‘The Wife’ being released by summer time next year ready for you to read on your holidays, with the trilogy being completed in 2018.  Pretty much everything I do now is online – a scary thought for a ‘technically challenged’ DawneeBe!

People tell me not to declare all that I am achieving or wanting to achieve publicly in case it doesn’t happen, but guess what? That is THEIR fear talking, not mine.  I do it because when you declare it to the world, it becomes REAL! The fear and procrastination of not succeeding, letting you all down, letting myself down (and my boys) holds me to account.  I make sure I get it done.

So for a woman who said she never wanted another IT business, well I just had to suck it up and just go for it.  I had to enter the world of IT again and to be honest, I have really enjoyed it.  I’ve enjoyed getting my geek on for parts of it.  Yes, I have struggled getting my head around certain elements, but I have simply hired someone else to do those bits for me; which frees up my time to do the things I love – which is written, coach and travel… as well as spend time with my 2 boys, my partner, and my dog.

So my tip for today is to face your fears.  Face them head on.  Reframe them.  Use them to your advantage.  Use them as a foundation to build upon and squash them with all the power you gain from them.

And if you want to speak with my about my online business mentoring group Goosebump Central, or about any of my coaching services, simply contact me via this website or email exploring@dawnbates.com and let’s see what amazing results we can create for you and your future.

Remember folks, you only get one life, live it and love it or change it! Go on, I dare you! ;)

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