Jake Cosme: A US Marine’s Mindset To Success

Working with Jake as his author coach and developmental editor was an insightful look into the life of a US Marine.

How discipline and being told what to do and how to do it was all he had ever really known, that was until he become a veteran of the US Armed Forces.

I wanted to share Jake’s journey with as many people as possible, and not just those who read, because his story is important, as is the information about how Veterans are treated and cast aside by the very country they fought to protect.

We talk candidly, with humour about his journey of turning to drink and drugs, before kicking his own backside and getting his act together.

We also discuss the diversity of his uniquely wonderful ethnicity, how this impacted him and the blessings and insights it has gifted him now in his adult life.

To learn more about Jake and his powerful journey visit https://dawnbates.com/jakecosme to purchase his book, or connect with him on LinkedIn using https://linkedin.com/in/jakecosme