With only 2 weeks left to go until my visa runs out here in Australia, I am now on a deadline to leave the country.  With lots of boats already having left ont he various rallies, it is game on time… and I did say I wanted an adventure!

With the passage out of Australia not materialising, delays with other passages and a passage all the way to Antigua over, I now have to seek passage with someone heading North to Indonesia.  It will be cutting it fine, especially as I do not arrive at the next marina until Thursday morning.  But I still know something is going to show up.

I trust in the universe, and I trust in myself to enable something to happen.  I am open to opportunities and I trust they will show up.  Otherwise I need to have a conversation with the immigration office and let them know my situation; but I know I will be leaving Australia on a boat… and not a plane as everyone else keeps suggesting!

The whole purpose of this trip is to complete my circumnavigation, writing a book about the sailing community and empowering women to fulfil their own dreams; using my dream of being on the ocean as the catalyst.  I know the sailing community will step up, especially the women.

I already have a group of women making calls on my behalf and the Women Who Sail Australia on the lookout.  With profiles on the various crew websites, checking in every day, I know there are opportunities out there, but sadly many of the boats are not in my part of the world, the timing is wrong or the boat is heading in a different direction as me.

I know someone will be willing to share passage with me.  I know there is a boat in the next marina ready to take on more crew and sail across the ocean to Indonesia.  It is the season to go and things always work out for the best.  Everything is as it should be and everything happens for a reason.

I have faith, I am positive and I know my skills, persona and attitude will result in another great opportunity.  What will the universe deliver? What opportunities are going to show up? I know what I want, and I know the kind of people I want to sail with, so I am locking it in.

With the release of my last book now completed, I am grateful for the time I have had on land to promote my book and get the truth out there.  I got to meet such wonderful people in Port Douglas, a new family, friends for life and great clarity on different areas of my life.  The full moon also helped!

After having spent time donig boat deliveries, racing and cruising up the coral reef, it is now time for my first cross country trip on a Greyhound coach, seeing the incredible landscape of Australia and then onto my next passage to Indonesia and another great adventure full of laughter, learning and lots of personal growth!

Here’s to being intentional and creating a wonderful life!

And if anyone can assist with my next passage or any leg of my circumnavigation (I’m heading West) then please feel free to contact me via the contact page here on www.dawnbates.com/contact – many thanks!

Until the next time folks!

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