Why are you not choosing?

Choosing what you might ask.

Well choosing you for a start.

I mean come off it, when was the last time you actually chose yourself over your children?

Chose to spend money on something for YOU, instead of paying for the latest smartphone, large screen TV or the sweets and chocolates at the checkout in the supermarket, just to get your kids to be quiet?

When was the last time you chose to

  • invest in a personal development course for you, rather than yet another overblown birthday party for your children because another child in their class had such and such for their birthday and went to such and a such a place, and now your child is wanting the same?
  • ask for that payrise and promotion you have been wanting, or that new client you really want to work with, but chose the fear of hiding rather than the joy of asking because you chose others opinions on your worth rather than your own self worth
  • have that all important conversation with a loved one making your feelings and thoughts heard, rather than ‘rocking the boat’ and ‘causing a problem’, choosing to live with the discomfort yourself, distractinng yourself and carrying the pain around with you
  • reach out to that person you have wanted to coach you, help you, support you and cheer you on, rather than going it alone and taking longer than necessary with the thoughts going around and around in your head, sending you crazy and keeping you stuck?

You see at this time of the year, so many people will be setting new goals, coming up with ideas on what they could be doing, should be doing and lying to themselves about actually making it happen.

And you are probably one of them.

No offence, but that’s the reality.

2020 is the year you are going to lose weight, go after that dream job, travel more and write that book that has been on the to do list since … I don’t know… forever?

But here we are already feeling like it is just too big a deal and what’s the actually point.  I mean it can wait until Monday when the week really starts, and the day after the day after has worn off and the kids are back at school, and you’re back at work, and … and … and …

Sound familiar?

Is this you? Or most likely someone you know?

Choosing ourselves in a world where there are so many ‘should do’, ‘have to’, ‘going to’ there is a pressure to come up with a resolve you are going to stick to for the next year.

But why should we stick at something for a year, especially as 3 or 4 months down the line we realise it is the wrong thing for us, or we are just not ‘feeling it’ any more?

Why are we allowing the pressures of society to tell us how to be, what to do, what to have and where to go, when we are the creators of our own lives?

I made a promise to myself that I would not accept new clients onto my 21 Day Vision Creation Challenge who were not going to stick it out for the 21 days; but who am I to tell people how to spend the $244* it currently requires to invest in the course?

Who am I though to tell people anything about how to live their lives?

Or how to spend their money?

I mean used to be one of those people who would do the exact opposite to what people told me I ‘should’ do, and even now I take what people tell me I should do with a pinch of salt, because who is anyone to tell us what to do?

Why do women need to ask their husband for permission to invest in themselves?

Or feel they have to lie about when they bought that new dress that’s hanging in the wardrobe that’s ‘been there for ages’?

Why do women spend money on their children, and on their home more than they do enabling their dreams to come true?

And what’s with the guilt of spending on yourself so you can become the woman you have always wanted to become? The woman you used to dream about becoming, but gave up on becoming when you met ‘the man of your dreams’ and ‘settled down and had kids’?

‘Settled’ being the operative word in that last sentence.

Why have you settled?

Settled for less than you desire.

Settled for less than you know you deserve.

Less money, less impact, less love, less happiness and less respect?

I’ll tell you why, because you stopped choosing yourself above all else because you were led to believe that choosing yourself above all else was a selfish thing, when in fact to actually lead and love others in the best way possible, it is an absolute must for you to choose yourself above all else.

How can anyone love you the way you want loving unless you actually know to love yourself?

How can anyone else know what you are worth, if you do not know how much you are worth?

How can anyone know who you really are, when you don’t even know who you are…

because you haven’t chosen YOU!

You have chosen a partner’s love for you over you own love for yourself, and you have chosen a life which you feel is acceptable to others, and expected of you, rather than choosing a life you love and being the woman you know you were born to be.

Yeah the job pays well.

Yeah you are seen as successful.

Yeah you have a good life.

But you know inside you are dying and it is time to STOP dying and START CHOOSING!

Choose yourself, each and every single day, rather just on New Year’s Eve, because that is what is expected.

Choose yourself and your dreams for the future, and then create the future you always dreamed of for you, and then your children, and then your partner, and then others… if you want to.

Because trust me, when you choose you, and you know how to honour yourself, the important people in your life will know who they are choosing to spend time with.

They will know how to honour you, and love you for who you truly are, rather than the ‘should do, have to and got to’ version of you.

And if you are a woman ready to invest in yourself now, without having to ask persmission from anyone else, then do it! Not tomorrow, not next week, not because it is New Year’s Eve, but because you get to choose who you wish to be in every moment of every day.

The 21 Day Vision Creation Challenge isn’t like the 21 Day Meditation Experience which Oprah and Deepak created, but it is built on the same 21 Day Principle of forming new habits and building momentum.

If writing a book about your journey to inspire and lead others is on the agenda, and you are a woman who is willing to play full out over 7 weeks, then the 7 Week Author Course may be the course for you.

Whatever it is in life you want, only you can go after it, so grab life by the ovaries and create the future like your life depends on it, because guess what…?

It does.

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*Price for the 21 Day Vision Creation Challenge goes up to $444 on the 11/1/2020 so ACT NOW to save $200

Open to receiving

Being open to receving all we truly desire in this world can be a difficult concept to grasp for some, and incredibly easy for others.

We see so many people living abundant lives and others struggling.  There are times in our own lives when we are living abundantly, and then there are moments of immense struggle.

Reading my last blog post you will have read that I was on my way to the Caribbean, a trip that never materialised for a variety of reasons.  It turns out we were not compatible on many levels, more than I had previously realised.

Having made plans to go, I was disappointed, but in some ways relieved.  Why on earth would I have been relieved about fulfilling my crossing over the Atlantic to the Caribbean? Because my soul needed a rest.  I needed to take time out to get present to all I have achieved over the last year; and be open to receiving even greater opportunities.

My soul was also screaming at me to stop.  To check in and get present to what I truly wanted. I wanted to spend more time with my boys, spend time working on my business, and launch my 7 Week Author Course which starts on the 26th March.  A course I have been developing for over a year now, one whereby 7 people will go from thinking about writing their story to actually having written it.

Since being back on land, I have met up with friends, made new ones, been able to coach new clients and spend ten glorious days with my eldest son.  Just being in his space and spending time with him was great for both of us.  One on one mother and son time, totally blissful! He got to recharge and refocus ready for his up coming exams, and we discussed ideas for his future vision of life.  Once again he blew my mind with his ideas and plans for his future.

I have had chance to go through my journals and get present to all I was open to receiving, and just how much of it I have acheived.  I have blown my own mind.  In just a few years, the results I have acheived, even whilst sailing 10,000 ocean miles on 16 different boats, have been nothing short of impressive (even if I do say so myself!).

Speaking opportunities have come my way, a regular guest appearance with The Personal Transformation Project, being asked to write for two magazines including the online magazine One Tribe and the first steps being taken into creating an 8 part TV drama series of my latest book Crossing The Line have all materialsed.

In June I will also be co-hosting the Women Inspiring Women event with Vicki O, founder of The Personal Transformation Project.  An event for 40 women to connect, inspire and empower each other.

All of these opportunities have come my way, not just because I take aligned action, but because I am open to receiving all of these blessings.  I invest in myself and my future, in my boys future and the positive and powerful leagcy I wish to leave behind when I am gone.

To say I am excited about all these new opportuniteis is an understatement! Some will say I am doing too much, but that is there story, not mine.  I just know that everything I want to have happen in my life is happening, has happened and will be happening.  I am truly grateful for everyone and everything that has enabled me to get to this place in my life, and yet I am still open to receiving more incredible opportunities, more abundance and more happiness.

I know that my life is changing and some people will no longer stay in my life.  I know by charging members for access to my Short Stories group and my online coaching group The Molecule Shakers, a few people will leave and certain people in my life will fall by the wayside, but they are meant to.  Our paths are no longer aligned.

Being in this new space, and being open to receiving the right people into my life, I am honouring myself, my future and my vision.  Sailing across the Atlantic is still something I wish to do, and come the end of the year I will be back out there with the dolphins.

For now though it is time to support 7 incredible women write their memoirs during my 7 week author course, inspire the women in attendance at the Women Inspiring Women event in Tenerife, be interviewed and guest speak on various platforms, write for inspiring publications and coach other humans to live a life they absolutely love!

Life is truly wonderful folks, and I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am enjoying mine!

With love as always,

Dawn xx

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