Yep! You read that right.  The Bitch is dead!

Long gone are the days when the #BossBitch was the woman to follow in business. I mean who wants to be a bitch any way?

It is a nasty energy to sit in, and well… let’s be honest, anyone proud of being a bitch has got some deep healing to do.

There’s wounds to heal and an ego problem to go along with it, if you ask me; but as I have said before, this is only my opinion and as there are 6.9 billion in the world to choose from,  you are free to take your pick which one you listen to, or offer.

The idea that for a woman to be in businiess means she has to be a bitch is at least 20 years old, that I know of!

Women have more than moved on from the shoulders pads and breifcases, and sleeping their way to the top, wrecking marriages along the way; and being a #BossBitch to everyone who got in her way.

Today’s successful business leaders support other women, they build relationships with them, and they know that just because they celebrate another woman, it doesn’t mean she is any less successful. 

In fact, she is MORE successful!

And yet we STILL see women proudly owning the title of #BossBitch.


Why so eager to be known as a bitch? It has been a derogatory statement for as long as I have been alive, and to be quite frankly, it is an insult to the female dog from which it takes its name.

For those of us who own dogs, bitches in particular, we know they are protective of their owners, their home and of their significant other.

Those who have a dog and a bitch will know the bitch will turn on her own mate if he gets anywhere near the pups; and yet they will still snuggle up together and when one dies, the other one grieves deeply.

Over the last 5-10 years we have seen a huge shift in the way women are showing up in the world of business.  They are becoming more feminine, without being slutty.  They are using their intellect rather than their breasts to get ahead; and yet we are still seeing a huge gender gap when it comes to making money.

Quite frankly, we as women suck at asking for the sale.  We are so unsure of our worth, unsure of what prices to charge and yet we want a certain standard of life which means we live in struggle for a lot of the time.


The only way it seeems, or so we are told by many of the online female business coaches, to have the life we want is to be a bitch.

I disagree, and so does Denise Duffield-Thomas who coaches from the space of being a lucky bitch.

But as she says, it has nothing to do with being lucky, or with being a bitch.

Did I just promote another woman on my page?

Someone who could take potential clients away from me?

Absolutely I did!

Because I am not in fear of losinng clients to Denise, because some people may not resonate with her, some may not resonate with me.

Plus there is so much abundance out there in the world, neither of us could possibly handle all the women in the world with our different coaching offers.

Heck our clients may even be the very same woman, just working on different areas of life.

And you know what, I LOVE her stuff! So why would I not share it here in my space?

I recommend films, I recommend cafes, I recommend all kinds of books, coaches and trainings, and just because I recommend Denise, doesn’t mean to say my clients will go running to her; and if they do, well then they do.

I am committed to my own goals, as are my clients.  They know when we work together they will get  amazing results; and fast.

Being a #BossBitch isn’t something to be proud of.

It isn’t appealing.

It isn’t feminine.

It isn’t even likeable.

So why, oh why do women still want to have the label? (Or the mug? There is a t-shirt to go with it too I hear).

Is it because they want people to know how tough they are?

Do they want people to know they are not to be messed with?

Do they really believe it is attractive?

Maybe they do, and many of the #BossBitches out there are doing incredibly well for themselves.

I just know that it is time we let go of the #BossBitch title and laid her to rest.  She served her purpose, but there is no future for the #BossBitch.

It is a borrowed term from the masculine world of patriachy and both modalities of thinking, behaving and being are over.

The Boss Bitch is dead, so let’s send her love, thank her for all she did and rise up in both a balance of feminine and masculine, embracing the Feminine Alpha within us.

No, not the masculine Alpha.  We have been in that zone for far too long as well.

We have entered the realm of the Feminine Alpha, a woman who is firmly in balance with all of who she is, and who knows when to be feminine and in flow, as well as when to hustle AND ask for everything she desires, without fear.

For there is no fear in the Feminine Alpha, because she knows, and trusts that everything is already hers, all she has to do is ask for it.

And on that note…

All you ladies out there with a creative vision for yourself and a group of ladies…

Who are looking to invest in yourself, improve your leadership skills, honour your boundaries, set new standards, receive money fast so you more than double your investment…

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Become clear on your message, your product spectrum and how to franchise your message, this is for you!

I am opening the doors for my 7 Week Feminine Alpha course starting on the 22nd February.

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Have a great day everyone, and remember to laugh, always, because life without laughter… well that’s just no fun at all is it!?

Live to laugh and laugh to live, it is the only way to live!

Ciao for now x