We’ve all heard about the ‘Know, Like, Trust’ factor which we need to build within our businesses, but the truth of the matter is this:

“How can you know, like and trust people when you don’t really even know yourself?”

Seeing the content and ideas you have put out there into the ether to inspire others, and to build the ‘know, like, trust’ factor so people invest in your services, being implemented by others, leaving you without the money in your pocket, can be a major kick in the guts.

You’ve invested time with these people, had connection calls with them, they’ve joined your 5 day challenge, been reading and liking your posts.

They’ve been stalking you in the background like some dirty pervert writing down your every move, or like the local busy body twitching at her net curtains.

And then you see a group of your followers and connections getting together, using your content, your ideas and your words almost verbatim to promote their collaboration.

What do you do?

Do you

a) message them all wishing them the best of luck, making sure to tell them you are pleased they gained so much value from your free content in a sarcastic tone

b) feel good about yourself and their collaboration because you know your stuff works and this is just social proof of it

c) think ‘fuck this shit!’, sulk, go into a full on pity party and then close your business

d) delete said followers and connections because you know you do not want them ‘stealing’ your ideas any longer

Seeing others run with your ideas, and use all the free content you share in order to give value, generate leads and sales is a great testimony to the work you do.  It is social proof there is a market for you and your services and YOUR STUFF WORKS!

But when it doesn’t fill your bank account with the dollars it can be a real kick in the teeth…  especially when these very same people invite you to join their collaboration, and then ask you to pay for the privilege!

(Cheeky f*****s!)

That’s a real kicker as many of you will know.

This happened for me recently, notice I say for me, and man did it take some processing!

I couldn’t believe it.  How dare these women do this?

Major ego issues kicking in right there I can tell you!

Then I thought about it, felt into it and then came to the realisation that if these women have only got access to my free stuff and have created this…

IMAGINE what they could create for themselves, their clients and their family if they had invested real time, effort and money in my services!

IMAGINE what the impact these women could have had they invested in my 1:1 coaching or coaching programmes! 

IMAGINE the introductions I could have made that would have catapulted them and enabled them to fast track their results, franchising their messages!

Many people will take your free content, they will copy you, and they will write down every last word you say and not credit you.

But imagine if there were asked to work for free, day in day out.  Or at the end of the month they have worked their backsides off doing a great job and they didn’t get paid? Hmm, shoe would be on the other foot then, wouldn’t it.

This sadly, is the world we live in, but the great thing is you have found out these are not your people!

People will use you, they will take advantage of you and not even acknowledge you for the introductions you make, the ideas you give them or the catapult into the jet stream of success.

Many have no idea of their actions and behaviours, many are not self aware enough to say “Thank you” or as my Mum would say “not so much as a kiss my ass or anything!”

(You knew there would be a Mum quote sooner or later).

The thing is you have to let your ego die.

You have to trust the process.

Trust that the right people, with the right level of intergrity and energy are making their way to you.

It may be painful at first, but you’ll get there.

Trust me.

I’m not a Dr.