Said one woman to another, as others looked on in surprise.  “You can’t say that, she’ll end up full of herself!”

Oh but my darling, I can tell another woman she looks amazing, and it doesn’t detract from me, or anyone else.

It is essential for us as women to compliment, honour and lift each other up, as well as ourselves, AND do it from a place of grace and confidence.

You see when women don’t see the beauty in themselves, and they do not honour their own inner Goddess, this is how we know the sisterhood has already fallen apart.

Now I am not saying us ladies should all strip naked and go dance around a fire on the beach, although I’m not adverse to that idea…

Being on the beach by a fire is amazing… especially under the moonlit sky.

Getting naked, well I am in love with my own body and everything it has gifted me, like my two son’s, endless nights dancing marathons around the UK, and a range of sporting abilities, so why not?

Anyway, I digress…

As a woman, I am confused about many of the behaviours of other women, so no wonder men have ‘Bob Hope and No Hope’ of understanding the majority of us.

Lot’s of women say they want a man to be a gentleman, but when he is, they throw women’s rights and a bizarre view of feminism in his face.

The knight on the white horse may be the dream of many women, the tall dark handsome stranger who is going to rescue her, or the Richard Gere in his white limo waving a bunch of flowers out of the sunroof.

But come off it ladies, let’s be honest, when we get to our age, we don’t want a knight, or a tall dark handsome stranger.

We want a King deeply in all his manliness and with his crown firmly in place and ready to protect us, his Queen, and expand and grow our Domain together, side by side.  

Business women, and I use that phrase carefully, say they want to empower other women, collaborate and do joint ventures, but really do they?

They talk about supporting, inspiring women and owning their Divine Feminine, but when it comes down to it, so many are just there to bring other women down, especially those they feel threatened by.

I have seen ‘fempreneurs’ rip each other to pieces in the online space and it is disgusting to be honest with you, and we all know how I like to be honest.

Sometimes I am honest to a fault but honestly, I am the one who has to sleep with my own inner peace at night and I want to make sure I honour my truth.

Read my books, they’ll show you how honest I am.

Like a lot of women I’ve had my fair share of bitchy comments, back stabbing and the two faced bahviours; and it is why I am so careful about the women I allow in my life, especially the ones I network with in business.

Some of the ‘Delicate Daisies’ and ‘Taking Tanyas’ out there really hate the way other women are both feminine and strong all at the same time. 

They think just because we know how to be feminine, there is very little going on up in the headspace; Oh how wrong they are.

Don’t get me wrong, being in our masculine is essential for many tasks in business, and life, but last time I checked I was a woman, and I am all woman I can tell you!

Wearing dresses, make up and essenuating my womanly curves is something I love, but that is only one part of being a woman.

Women are meant to be wild, fierce and strong, as well as soft, nurturing and warm.

We are meant to be a free as the wind, and know when to contain ourselves.  We have a deep longing to be led, some of us dominated (in a healthy, respectful and loving way of course).

There is nothing wrong in expecting men to open doors, pull out our chair, pay the bill for dinner – especially if he was the one doing the asking – just like there is nothing wrong in asking men for help in our businesses.

Men love to be our heroes, why do you think they love the action hero and super hero movies so much?

Men like to take care of women, they want to make introductions for us, to help co-create in the boardroom, as well as the bedroom, and as women it is essential for us to know it is us who hold the keys to each and every area of our life.

So ladies, honour both your feminine and masculine within, allow yourself to lead and be led, make your own choices and decisions in your personal and professional life; and if a man wants to treat you like a Queen, let him… whilst also honouring your own standards, needs, wants and desires.

Trust me, I know how difficult that can be.  You just have to remember, this is your life and your rules.

Now go play nicely, and powerful, so you can win your own game.

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Until then… have a great weekend!

Ciao for now x