Heading to Darwin Immigration office, I got a HUGE surprise!

I knew they would extend my visa, had no doubts whatsoever.

I was heading Bali, then Thailand, but with the trade winds heading West, and the typhoon and cyclone hitting soon, I was running out of time.

I wanted to see my boys, but with their new commitments at school with GCSE’S, my eldest starting his new job, and my youngest having just started high school, it would be another 6 months before I would be able to fly them out to see me.

I also wanted to see my partner, but our schedules weren’t aligning.  The distance between us growing further and further. Things needed talking about, but not over messenger calls or text messages. They were big things, and we needed quality time together, something he didn’t seem to understand, or want.

I knew I had to make a choice.

So many things were unclear.

My new vision and desire to sail and race on super yachts was becoming stronger and I had spent the last few weeks getting clear on what I wanted.

I wanted more results in my businesses.

I wanted to coach more clients to live their dream life.

I wanted more clients who were ready to write that book bursting from within them to be written.

I wanted to be with driven, focused people with an abundant view of life.

People wanting to uplevel their lives.

People who were willing to invest in themselves and the future.

People willing to sail across oceans at higher speeds, regardless of what the ocean threw at them.

And I wanted to see my dogs.

So I did lots of journalling and I finally got clear on what needed to be done.

How that would happen I didn’t know, I just knew everything I wanted was within my grasp, and I was going after it.

So when the lady at immigration asked me what I was doing in Australia as she filled out the paperwork, and I told her, imagine my surprise when she told me about an organisation that she was sure would assist me in my mission to uplevel my life!

Excited and surprised doesn’t even cover it!

With flights booked back to the UK to see my parents, boys and dogs, I was heading home, fully funded and supported!

Thank you Universe!

No one knew I was coming home, so to see the look of surprise on everyones faces was simply wonderful.

The surprises didn’t stop there though; and notnjust for others.

Since being back I have arranged for my Super Yacht training, been loved on by friends and family… And the dogs! I’ve been to the spa, out to dinner with friends, met up with readers of my books and spent time in woodlands and down the allotment, now formerly known as Crookes Community Farm (a must do visit if you are ever in Sheffield!) www.facebook.com/crookescommunityfarm

I have made arrangements to launch my new product lines, started to overhaul my website, made inroads to sort out finances, hired a new breakthrough coach and spent a weekend going deep with one of my soul mate clients.

I’ve also had the sadness of taking my fur baby girl to the vets for an operation, found out two friends have died, with a funeral in just two days. I’ve ended my 3.5 year relationship, even though I saw so much potential in it, but when your partner isn’t ready, or willing, you just have to make the break. You can’t put your life on hold waiting for them to step up, life is too short.

Being back has reminded me of why I wanted to leave in the first place, it’s too far away from the ocean; and there is too much of a past that no longer serves my future vision.

And to use the words of Freddie Mercury, I want to break free.

Those who truly know me showed no surprise to this new choice. Nor did they show surprise when I shared with them my new vision for the future.

So with only a few more days before I leave the UK to complete my STCW95, VHF Radio, Level 2 power boat and food hygiene certifications, I’m making the most of being with my boys, cutting ties with the past and catapulting myself into my new vision.

My circumnavigation will be underway again in just a few weeks. It may not be how I thought it would look, and I may now be building my dream as a single woman (for now!) but I’m excited!

I may also have missed crossing over from Thailand to South Africa, and sailing around the Cape, but it will still be there for me to complete when the time is right.

In the meantime, I am looking for a super yacht to sail across the Atlantic on, with a captain who knows how to utilise all my skills, knowledge and experience in life, not just in sailing.

I know it won’t be long before I’m back on the ocean, just like I knew my visa would be extended.

I can FEEL it!

I can FEEL the blessings coming my way.

I can FEEL the magic manifesting all the results I desire.

And I can FEEL my vibration raising like never before!

And I’m excited!!


So watch this space!

Things are about to explode like never before!!

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